Profile Visitors For Facebook – Finally It Is Possible To Know Who Looks At My Facebook Profile!

Profile visitors for facebook is a 100% free and advertisement free chrome extension

Is it possible to find the profile visitors in Facebook? YES!

Profile Visitors For Facebook – 
There are numerous facebook applications which claims that their users can easily find out the persons who have visited their facebook profile, but all those apps are nothing more than a scam and I have found most of my innocent facebook friends are using those creepy facebook apps. Most of the those scams are designed to steal your personal information. This high demanding feature has always been against the facebook policies and will always be. Facebook users are highly curious to know who has visited their profile, and that’s why facebook scams are enjoying the benefits.

Profile visitors for facebook

Everyone loves to find out who is more interested in him and it is a human tendency, it has made this undeclared feature of facebook as a most wanted feature. Now coming back to the point. As I said it is not recommended to use any third party facebook applications blindly. However it is not completely impossible to know who looks at my facebook.I recently found  Profile Visitators for FaceBook which has made this actually possible with its unique concept.

What is Profile Visitors For Facebook?

Profile visitors for facebook is a free Google chrome extension that enables you to track who views your facebook.It works what exactly it says, but the only limitation is it only works for the chrome users so you can only track those visitors who already have this extension installed on their chrome and visiting your profile from their chrome browser other wise this extension will not work. So it is better to make your friends aware about the extension and insist them to install this extension.

How To Use Profile Visitors For Facebook ?

  1. Download Profile visitors for facebook from here in your Google chrome.
  2. Now login to your facebook account, you will now notice an extra ‘visitors’ tab next to the left of ‘home’ on the top blue bar.

3. Click on it, a popup will open showing you the recent visitors of your facebook profile with time, but as I mentioned before, it will only show those visitors who have already installed the extension. 

Profile visitors for facebook is a 100% free and advertisement free chrome extension. It’s concept is cool and works great if more persons are using it. If you know any other working trick regarding the profile visitors, feel free to suggest me.

Download Profile Visitors For Facebook:



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